Lotus Config

A config created by Lotus. It includes multiple HUDs that are meant to help the player visualize multiple game elements in one spot. Very versatile, along with enhanced weapon and explosion visuals.

Simply extract the folder to your desired location.

Boot the game up, change the keybindings, and do not forget to organize the HUDs to your preference.

This config uses xLoader v1.2 - it replaces WinFix - so that all plugins load automatically.
This config uses TribesXT plugin - you will need to modify the $net::timenudge settings in the 'xt_prefs.acs.cs' file in the /config/Modules/ folder. For non-XT servers, it would be Ping - 32 = timenudge.

About Project

  • By: Lotus
  • Released: Mar 13, 2024
  • Updated: Mar 13, 2024
  • Version: 1.0
  • Downloads: 35
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