Tribes Minimalist

Tribes Minimalist Config ensures you have more screen for what matters most, MA'ing people!

This config was inspired by old 1.11 setups.

1. Open compressed file.
2. Extract folder where ever you want the Tribes game folder to be.
3. Make sure to customize the keybindings to your preference.


This config uses xLoader v1.2 - it replaces WinFix - so that all plugins load automatically.

This config uses xFont and xChat (by Smokey).

This config uses TribesXT plugin - you will need to modify the $net::timenudge settings in the 'xt_prefs.acs.cs' file in the /config/Modules/ folder. For non-XT servers, it would be Ping - 32 = timenudge.


About Project

  • By: v0dkA
  • Released: Mar 16, 2024
  • Updated: Mar 16, 2024
  • Version: 1.0
  • Downloads: 60
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